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Robbin Gordon-Cartier, harpist, graduated from Montclair State University Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education. As a young harpist, summers were spent in Dublin, Ireland, studying at the Royal Irish Academy of Music. Robbin was a gold medalist at the Granard  Harp Festival in Ireland.  She performs with the New Philharmonic Orchestra of New Jersey.  Robbin is the President of the North Jersey Chapter of the American Harp Society.  She teaches privately and also freelances in the metropolitan area.

Robbin created and directed a harp program for the Elizabeth School District.  She then replicated and expanded the program in the East Orange School District where she currently teaches.  Robbin's performances display the great versatility of the concert and folk harps.  Her warmth and charm draw people into the concerts and workshops, always leaving audiences wanting more.  Robbin is a sought after presenter of workshops on "Teaching and Performing" across the country.


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